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23 Mar 2018

Confidential Recycling Bins: The good, the bad and the ugly

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force in May 2018, the demand for recycling confidential waste paper bins grows. But what's out there? What should you look out for in terms of the good and the not so good? In this article, I'll review price, function and design options - from the meat-and-potatoes (the bare minimum) to the Almas Caviar (the creme de la creme)....

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06 Mar 2018

Rethinking waste crime.

Are you guilty of wasting your waste at work?   If you are, you're not alone.   Businesses that are guilty of wasting their waste probably don't realise how this is hurting their bottom line, let alone the environment around them....

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25 Jan 2018

What measures are you taking to improve your green credentials?

The definition of green credentials is 'the qualities that show you believe it is important to protect the natural environment'.  Aside from recycling, a topic we have written about many times, what can you do to improve your green credentials - at work, at home and as a business?...

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11 Jan 2018

Recycling solutions at work and how we can learn from early adopters.

When it comes to recycling and being better at it, I think we're all on the same page.   That page is all about how we can make real changes to waste management and how, as businesses, we play a part in the wider environmental issues we face. The drive for continuous improvement in cleanliness and recycling, in the most effective way, is ever growing and we are seeing a rapid increase in uptake of a more evolved waste management process.   Here are some examples of how others have embraced recycling to help them achieve their business goals....

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05 Jan 2018

Why We Love Sustainable Coffee Shops (And You Should, Too!)

Over the years we've been getting more innovative, and in some cases more eccentric, when it comes to closed-loop recycling, waste up-cycling and, well, just generally finding weird yet wonderful uses of our waste.  As we strive for more lean manufacturing processes by adopting lean principles such as continuous improvement, here are some inspirational examples of how others have embraced the philosophy of Kaizen....

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06 Dec 2017

Unisan UK join forces to support The Woodland Trust.

Over the next 10 years, The Woodland Trust aims to plant 64 million trees, in part to commemorate the fallen from World War One, and they can't do this without a strong band of 4,200 volunteers, 300 staff and the founder John James....

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05 Dec 2017

How to reduce recycling costs.

What recycling systems can I put in place to improve efficiency and reduce costs?   First, you need to understand the cost of waste....

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