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12 Jan 2018

Maintaining product integrity during storage and distribution.

A significant number of enquiries for solutions to the question above is driven from the following question....

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09 Jan 2018

5 Examples of Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

In order to make continuous improvements in manufacturing, you need to first eliminate the opportunities for errors and/or problems to occur.  Continuous improvement cannot easily be achieved if you are constantly fire-fighting or being reactive to the  everyday  - the whirlwind. Here we'll run through 5 examples of how you can make continuous improvements in manufacturing....

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04 Jan 2018

Why adopting lean principles to dirt control and ingress drives productivity

In the drive for continuous improvement and continuous flow, major Global manufacturing brands are investing in smart technology to eliminate dirt.  Why? Dirt is commonly overlooked when reviewing bottleneck analysis and the principles of Kaizen.  But, when you think about it, ingress of dirt does not stop at the door.  Unless it is eliminated at source, it just stays there until the next transport vehicle or pedestrian travels over it and takes the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas till it causes issues inside your facilities and production lines.  The further it travels, the smaller the dirt particles become, and the greater damage caused.     Here's how one improvement can continually eliminate waste (Kaizen) and strengthen the weakest link in the manufacturing process (bottleneck analysis)....

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06 Dec 2017

The Ultimate Guide On Contamination Control

Have you ever asked yourself the question 'How do I control contamination?'   If you have, you are not alone.  Contamination, regardless of industry, is a big deal.   ...

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04 Dec 2017

How ProfilGate helps AGVs take one step closer to clean facilities

How to achieve world class facilities has just got easier...

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26 Oct 2017

Countdown to Christmas Shutdown

Christmas shut down is the ideal time to install ProfilGate®- the patented brush system that removes dirt, dust and moisture from wheels and footwear. ProfilGate® is used and trusted by many manufacturers globally including: Food: Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Wrigley's, Mondalez, Cadbury...

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25 Sep 2017

Profilgate case study - Granta Processors

Granta Processors offers industry-leading processing of grains, pulses and seeds to the highest standards typically required by supermarkets and food producers in the UK. To maintain hygienic conditions of a new epoxy resin floor at Granta Processors, Whittlesford’s premises – which imports...

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18 Sep 2017

The invisible enemy of technical cleanliness

The belief that dirt or debris is not a major issue when it comes to technical cleanliness is, in truth, fiction. Dirt and Debris should be a major concern for any one responsible for customer complaints, managing brand image through to product re-call, re-work or complete write-off. Contamination...

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05 Sep 2017

Optimistic bias is no defence as product recall numbers double

The belief that a major event such as product recall or product withdrawal will never happen to your business is sadly a phrase heard too often. Whether it be sheer ignorance or a misguided illusion of control, there is hard evidence to suggest that product recall is on the up. According to a recent article...

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06 Jan 2016

How Can You Reduce Dust in the Workplace?

Excessive dust in the workplace can be highly dangerous on a number of levels. Firstly, although it’s rare, a cloud of concentrated dust is potentially combustible and can, therefore, cause explosions so it’s important that companies keep their working environments as relatively dust-free as they...

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09 Dec 2015

Have you got wet, slippery floors? See what the law says slips and trips...

What does the law say? The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes taking steps to control slip and trip risks. Employees have...

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18 Feb 2015

CleanTrax ProfilGate - Helping Create Clean & Safe Floors

If you have problems with dirty, dusty or slippery floors... Then we have the solution for you... Stop dirt in its tracks with CleanTrax ProfilGate. What is CleanTrax ProfilGate? CleanTrax ProfilGate is the ultimate solution for reducing the amount of dirt, dust, grime and moisture coming into your...

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