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29 Mar 2018

Industrial Shoe Cleaners:  Standalone vs Integral

If you're reading this, you've already established that you need an industrial shoe and/or boot cleaner, but you're still undecided about which one to invest in. Like most things these days, you tend to get what you pay for and, in the main, the price can dictate the function, quality and longevity of a product. But, not always....

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28 Mar 2018

How To Reduce Risk of Slips For Warehouse Workers

According to HSE,  29% of all the reported non-fatal work-based accidents in 2016/17 relate to slips and trips.  This equates to a staggering  200,000 accidents which, with careful management, need not happen.   If we look deeper into this study, most slips (90%) occur when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with a processing by-product or debris....

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23 Mar 2018

How To Prevent Dirt Entering A Facility.

There must be a better way than the perpetual cycle of cleaning - day in day out, 24/7 in the modern world of manufacturing. As the proverb says, prevention is better than the cure (or something along those lines)....

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20 Mar 2018

Unisan UK to showcase how others in the Food Industry are winning the battle against ingress of contamination.

Multiple entrances, multiple opportunities for contamination to enter your facilities yet many forget to look down - at their feet. 80% of contamination (dirt, debris or moisture) is carried in on tyre wheels and shoes.    ...

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07 Mar 2018

The Five W's of Hand Washing

Effective handwashing is paramount in any food production scenario - for personal health and food safety.  But are you missing a trick during this straightforward task?  In this article, I'll explore how businesses can further optimise their existing handwashing process to safeguard their assets (brand, reputation, production, staff and customers)....

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01 Mar 2018

Your Invitation to join us @FoodEx 2018

Unisan will be exhibiting at this year’s FoodEx Show at The NEC 16-18 April.   And we'd love you to join us on stand M271   We’ll be showcasing ProfilGate®  The innovative cleaning system for worldclass facilities. Set up your company for Industry 4.0 by creating high standards ...

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08 Feb 2018

How To Reduce Slips

29% of all the reported non-fatal work-based accidents in 2016/17 relate to slips and trips.  To put this into context, this equates to nearly 200,000 accidents which, with careful management, need not happen.  Furthermore, according to HSE,  most slips (90%) occur when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with a food product. So, to find ways to reduce the risk of slip within your business, it's common practice to review risks in line with the hazard hierarchy of controls (see image below).   Based on this theory, it's pretty clear that elimination of risk is by far the most effective.    ...

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02 Feb 2018

Resin Floors - How to keep your investment clean and slip free

Whether you opt for resin, non slip paint or the newly introduced floor renovation system (FRS), all come with significant investment.  In return for this investment, wouldn't it be nice if your floor looked clean (and slip free) for as long as possible....

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25 Jan 2018

Industry 4.0: How to clean up in an automated world.

It is becoming widely accepted that the levels of traditional cleaning required to maintain Health & Safety quality needs is unsustainable in today’s manufacturing....

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23 Jan 2018

Risk of recall.   How to survive a recall crisis.

Product recalls hit an all-time high last year after a series of high profile alerts in the motor vehicle and food industries.    After reading countless news articles relating to those brands hardest hit, it's pretty clear that size (of your business and/or your wallet) is not an automatic defence against the risk of recall....

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19 Jan 2018

Factory evacuation re-entry.  How to avoid contamination.

No doubt we've all had our fair share of fire drills over the years, some running like clockwork and others, well, close but no cigar springs to mind (excuse the pun).  Either way, all result in a mass re-entry of staff through a dedicated set of doors, or at least that's the plan....

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16 Jan 2018

As product recall figures double, what is your defence?

The number of food and drink product recalls in the UK grew by 62% in 2015/16 and the average cost of a significant recall hit £7.1m*.   ...

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