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07 Mar 2018

The Five W's of Hand Washing

Effective handwashing is paramount in any food production scenario - for personal health and food safety.  But are you missing a trick during this straightforward task?  In this article, I'll explore how businesses can further optimise their existing handwashing process to safeguard their assets (brand, reputation, production, staff and customers)....

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16 Jan 2018

As product recall figures double, what is your defence?

The number of food and drink product recalls in the UK grew by 62% in 2015/16 and the average cost of a significant recall hit £7.1m*.   ...

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18 Sep 2017

The invisible enemy of technical cleanliness

The belief that dirt or debris is not a major issue when it comes to technical cleanliness is, in truth, fiction. Dirt and Debris should be a major concern for any one responsible for customer complaints, managing brand image through to product re-call, re-work or complete write-off. Contamination...

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05 Sep 2017

Optimistic bias is no defence as product recall numbers double

The belief that a major event such as product recall or product withdrawal will never happen to your business is sadly a phrase heard too often. Whether it be sheer ignorance or a misguided illusion of control, there is hard evidence to suggest that product recall is on the up. According to a recent article...

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