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19 Jan 2018

Factory evacuation re-entry.  How to avoid contamination.

No doubt we've all had our fair share of fire drills over the years, some running like clockwork and others, well, close but no cigar springs to mind (excuse the pun).  Either way, all result in a mass re-entry of staff through a dedicated set of doors, or at least that's the plan....

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17 Jan 2018

How to control costs and increase efficiency

Being LEAN is a continuous process, a methodology that sustains growth.   It never stops and you can always find ways to adopt continuous improvements to waste management....

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12 Jan 2018

Maintaining product integrity during storage and distribution.

A significant number of enquiries for solutions to the question above is driven from the following question....

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09 Jan 2018

5 Examples of Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

In order to make continuous improvements in manufacturing, you need to first eliminate the opportunities for errors and/or problems to occur.  Continuous improvement cannot easily be achieved if you are constantly fire-fighting or being reactive to the  everyday  - the whirlwind. Here we'll run through 5 examples of how you can make continuous improvements in manufacturing....

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05 Jan 2018

Why We Love Sustainable Coffee Shops (And You Should, Too!)

Over the years we've been getting more innovative, and in some cases more eccentric, when it comes to closed-loop recycling, waste up-cycling and, well, just generally finding weird yet wonderful uses of our waste.  As we strive for more lean manufacturing processes by adopting lean principles such as continuous improvement, here are some inspirational examples of how others have embraced the philosophy of Kaizen....

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15 Dec 2015

Improving Your Processes In Management Teams With Lean and Kaizen

This is how management teams in top companies operate. Learn how to replicate the formula. This is how management teams in top companies operate. Learn how to replicate the formula. In a global and extremely competitive economic context, where companies compete with each other, it becomes of vital importance...

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