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09 Oct 2018

We're proud to be part of the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-the-go recycling

Bubble-blowing bins, recycling reward machines, a huge art installation and ‘Re-Cycler’ recycling collection bikes will appear across Leeds city centre from Tuesday 9th October as part of #LeedsByExample - the UK’s biggest push to date to trial innovative ways to improve rates of recycling on the go....

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09 Jan 2018

Severn Bridge tolls cut for the first time since 1966.

Yesterday saw the tolls on both Severn Crossings cut for the first time since 1966.   Whilst welcome news to businesses from both sides of the water, calls are being made for them to be scrapped immediately rather than at the end of the year....

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29 Aug 2017

Visit Unisan at the RWM Show 2017 - Halls 4 & 5, Stand 4F02

Once again we will be exhibiting at RWM 12-14 September 2017 NEC Birmingham RWM is the leading community for the Waste, Energy, Recycling and Water sectors to network, learn and trade. With over 450 exhibitors and 11,000 visitors from the UK and international reach from retail, leisure, construction...

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06 Jan 2016

How Can You Reduce Dust in the Workplace?

Excessive dust in the workplace can be highly dangerous on a number of levels. Firstly, although it’s rare, a cloud of concentrated dust is potentially combustible and can, therefore, cause explosions so it’s important that companies keep their working environments as relatively dust-free as they...

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15 Dec 2015

Improving Your Processes In Management Teams With Lean and Kaizen

This is how management teams in top companies operate. Learn how to replicate the formula. This is how management teams in top companies operate. Learn how to replicate the formula. In a global and extremely competitive economic context, where companies compete with each other, it becomes of vital importance...

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09 Dec 2015

Have you got wet, slippery floors? See what the law says slips and trips...

What does the law say? The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees and anyone who may be affected by their work, so far as is reasonably practicable. This includes taking steps to control slip and trip risks. Employees have...

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25 Nov 2015

Like a more lean, productive and clean facility? Do it the 5S and Kaizen way!

What is 5S? One of the methods of determining an organisations approach to its business is to evaluate its workplace organisation capability & visual management standards. 5S engages people through the use of 'Standards' and ‘Discipline'. It is not just about housekeeping...

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17 Nov 2015

What Is The True Cost Of Waste?

Do you realise the true cost of waste? Many companies fail to see how much their waste processes are costing them. We liken this to the iceberg principle whereby only 1/10 of the iceberg is visible whereas 9/10 is hidden and that is the part that can do the most damage. This is the same in business operations...

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26 Jan 2015

The Importance of Waste Recycling for Business

The Importance of Waste Recycling for Business By taking steps to reduce and recycle waste, a business can...  Save money on supplies.   Conserve natural resources and energy.   Reduce current waste disposal costs and hedge against increased disposal costs in the future...

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30 Sep 2013

Wales Set to be First in the UK to Achieve Over 50% Recycling Rate

Back at the end of August, the Welsh government minister for natural resources and food, Alun Davies, announced preliminary figures that showed local authorities in Wales had, in the first three months of 2013, recycled 50% of all waste produced. These figures go on to suggest that by the end of the year...

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23 Aug 2013

Could the Rising Number of Incinerators Threaten Rates of Recycling?

Concerns have been raised by industry experts that the recent rush to build incinerators to lessen the amount of UK waste going to landfill could have an adverse effect on the efforts being made to encourage more people to recycle. Incinerators have been seen as a viable answer to disposing of waste at the...

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11 Jun 2013

McVities (United Biscuits Group) install CleanTrax at 9 of their UK sites

McVities (United Biscuits Group) have recently installed the CleanTrax ProfilGate system across 9 of their sites for pedestrian walkways into their production areas. The CleanTrax ProfilGate system performed exceptionally well during the trial period, cleaning and capturing kilos of dirt and dust from...

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