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11 May 2018

Five ISO 14001 Continuous Improvement Idea

There are many challenges when it comes to environmental management. Challenges from stakeholders, placing growing pressure on policymakers to meet expectations they feel are necessary for any modern business they invest in. These stakeholders are not only internal (employees, shareholders etc) but also potential investors in the form of customers and the general public and their perception of your brand....

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17 Jan 2018

How to control costs and increase efficiency

Being LEAN is a continuous process, a methodology that sustains growth.   It never stops and you can always find ways to adopt continuous improvements to waste management....

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15 Jan 2018

How to drive productivity through a more engaged workforce?

Leesman, a private company that collects workplace data, has conducted some research into what makes for a productive workforce.  From over 100,000 responses across 904 UK locations, the results might help you put a productivity value on your case for continuous improvement. ...

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09 Jan 2018

5 Examples of Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

In order to make continuous improvements in manufacturing, you need to first eliminate the opportunities for errors and/or problems to occur.  Continuous improvement cannot easily be achieved if you are constantly fire-fighting or being reactive to the  everyday  - the whirlwind. Here we'll run through 5 examples of how you can make continuous improvements in manufacturing....

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