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25 Mar 2019

3 reasons to include recycling bin stations in your new office designs

Today, office fit-outs just keep getting better and better. Companies are building truly beautiful environments for their staff to work and relax in. We’ve seen offices with sleeping pods, roof-top running tracks and all manner of other weird and wonderful features and designs. But one thing doesn’t seem to change...hidden away in the dark corners of the building, there lurks a motley collection of recycling bins; untidy, overflowing, with inconsistent and unclear signage. With the importance placed on recycling and the environment today, isn’t this a little odd?...

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11 Dec 2018

Why Blue Planet II was so effective, and what it means for you.

Just over a year ago, David Attenborough's 'Blue Planet II' was aired. This single programme revolutionised the mindset of an entire nation. Millions of people we're spurred on to change their habits. But how was this such a success? How did a documentary about ocean life change the way a nation thinks about single use plastics?...

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22 Oct 2018

Plastics demystified: is it actually recycled?

***An Apology*** Before going any further, we need to apologise about the confusion caused by our last post.  This post attempts to clarify the confusion.  It's difficult, because recycling in the UK is very confusing, but one important thing to note is that all plastics are recyclable.  However, it is often not commercially viable to recycle certain types unless your business is creating a large volume of waste....

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09 Oct 2018

We're proud to be part of the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-the-go recycling

Bubble-blowing bins, recycling reward machines, a huge art installation and ‘Re-Cycler’ recycling collection bikes will appear across Leeds city centre from Tuesday 9th October as part of #LeedsByExample - the UK’s biggest push to date to trial innovative ways to improve rates of recycling on the go....

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04 Oct 2018

Single-use coffee cups: how you can take action today

The government has promised action on single-use plastics and coffee cups but, like all things bureaucratic, it's moving very slowly. Implementing a system like those in various European countries would be a mammoth task. Each different council has its own waste management system, unlike the centralised systems in place in countries like Germany....

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18 Sep 2018

How to spot and prevent pests in food production

The battle against pests in a food production facility is never ending. Rats in the production area are your worst nightmare, but the chances of this happening aren't as slim as you might hope. The truth is that without measures to control them in place, any food factory is a paradise for all kinds of pests....

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10 Sep 2018

How to boost office recycling with a green champion

You've re-thought your recycling system, installed recycling stations with clear, simple signage, you've fired everyone up in a company-wide meeting, and everything is set for your recycling rates to rocket through the roof. But nothing happens. Your new, clearly labelled waste streams lie forlorn and empty, and general waste is overflowing. The problem is that you can fire up your staff and make it as easy for them as you possibly can, but nothing will happen if their mindset doesn't change. What you need is a green champion....

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04 Sep 2018

The Hidden Costs of Recycling

 When it comes to recycling, are you just looking at the tip of your iceberg? It's what's under the surface that does the real damage. In this video series, Clive will walk you through the main hidden costs of recycling and how you can reduce them....

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03 Sep 2018

The Big Green Expo (Southampton) 2018

If your business is looking for ways to demonstrate it's environmental sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility goals, the Big Green Event Expo is a must attend event. Attracting large organisations from both the private and public sector, each looking for innovation and inspiration to help them go that extra mile....

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03 Sep 2018

Recycling At Work - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When it comes to recycling at home, Great Britain really is great - in fact 99% of us admit to it.  The same can not be said about our recycling habits when we get to work.  Who are the culprits and where in the UK might you find them?...

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30 Aug 2018

Unisan gets ready for World Cleanup Day 2018

World Cleanup Day 2018 - Practice What You Preach...

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29 Aug 2018

RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference - 27.09.18

We've been invited to exhibit at RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference 2018, KingsGate Conference Centre, Peterborough.   As RECOUP Plastics Recycling Conference is quickly becoming the go to event for those linked to the used plastics industry, we were honoured and proud to accept. If previous years are anything to go by, this year will be the perfect date in your calendar if you are:...

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