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02 Feb 2018

Resin Floors - How to keep your investment clean and slip free

Whether you opt for resin, non slip paint or the newly introduced floor renovation system (FRS), all come with significant investment.  In return for this investment, wouldn't it be nice if your floor looked clean (and slip free) for as long as possible....

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25 Jan 2018

Industry 4.0: How to clean up in an automated world.

It is becoming widely accepted that the levels of traditional cleaning required to maintain Health & Safety quality needs is unsustainable in today’s manufacturing....

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25 Jan 2018

What measures are you taking to improve your green credentials?

The definition of green credentials is 'the qualities that show you believe it is important to protect the natural environment'.  Aside from recycling, a topic we have written about many times, what can you do to improve your green credentials - at work, at home and as a business?...

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23 Jan 2018

Risk of recall.   How to survive a recall crisis.

Product recalls hit an all-time high last year after a series of high profile alerts in the motor vehicle and food industries.    After reading countless news articles relating to those brands hardest hit, it's pretty clear that size (of your business and/or your wallet) is not an automatic defence against the risk of recall....

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22 Jan 2018

Waste Management - Your Duty of Care

Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 imposes a duty of care on persons concerned with handling waste yet businesses are prone to fall short of the law due to a simple understanding of its definition....

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19 Jan 2018

Factory evacuation re-entry.  How to avoid contamination.

No doubt we've all had our fair share of fire drills over the years, some running like clockwork and others, well, close but no cigar springs to mind (excuse the pun).  Either way, all result in a mass re-entry of staff through a dedicated set of doors, or at least that's the plan....

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17 Jan 2018

How to control costs and increase efficiency

Being LEAN is a continuous process, a methodology that sustains growth.   It never stops and you can always find ways to adopt continuous improvements to waste management....

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16 Jan 2018

As product recall figures double, what is your defence?

The number of food and drink product recalls in the UK grew by 62% in 2015/16 and the average cost of a significant recall hit £7.1m*.   ...

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15 Jan 2018

How to drive productivity through a more engaged workforce?

Leesman, a private company that collects workplace data, has conducted some research into what makes for a productive workforce.  From over 100,000 responses across 904 UK locations, the results might help you put a productivity value on your case for continuous improvement. ...

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12 Jan 2018

Maintaining product integrity during storage and distribution.

A significant number of enquiries for solutions to the question above is driven from the following question....

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11 Jan 2018

Recycling solutions at work and how we can learn from early adopters.

When it comes to recycling and being better at it, I think we're all on the same page.   That page is all about how we can make real changes to waste management and how, as businesses, we play a part in the wider environmental issues we face. The drive for continuous improvement in cleanliness and recycling, in the most effective way, is ever growing and we are seeing a rapid increase in uptake of a more evolved waste management process.   Here are some examples of how others have embraced recycling to help them achieve their business goals....

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09 Jan 2018

Severn Bridge tolls cut for the first time since 1966.

Yesterday saw the tolls on both Severn Crossings cut for the first time since 1966.   Whilst welcome news to businesses from both sides of the water, calls are being made for them to be scrapped immediately rather than at the end of the year....

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