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22 Aug 2018

A new way of approaching employee engagement through CSR

The standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we see from companies today keep getting higher, and it's something we should all be thinking about more and more. But what other benefits does CSR have in your organisation? What if we told you that in addition to positive environmental, social and brand impacts, it can engage your employees and empower them to discover a better version of themselves?...

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10 Aug 2018

3 tips on how to Lean your waste management.

Waste management is a very overlooked process in most organisations. It is inherently inefficient, wasting both time and money, and most of all, it's usually not environmentally friendly.   Applying the 8 Wastes to waste. Some of you might already know your 8 wastes, but if you don't, to put it simply, they're a lean principle designed to help organisations see waste in every process of the business and all the day-to-day activities....

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03 Aug 2018

4 ways to take your recycling to the next level.

In today's world, just having great products and services is not enough.  Your customers, and the planet, expect more from you. Environmental sustainability is no longer an 'optional extra'; it should have a prominent place in every company's strategy, and recycling is a massive part of that.  With our oceans filled with plastic waste and our country's recycling reputation tarnished, your customers are looking to you to take action....

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31 Jul 2018

3 quick tips to get more from your current indoor recycling bins.

Frustrated because your commitment to recycling doesn't seem to be conveyed to your staff? Have you ever stopped to consider why your staff don't recycle enough?  Is it because they don't want to? Or is it just because you don't make it easy enough for them? We believe everyone wants to do the right thing, but most office recycling methods make it a lot more difficult than it should be....

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30 Jul 2018

Hotel Facilities Management Expo September 2018 - We'll be there!

We will be exhibiting at The Hotel Facilities Management Expo 2018 at the London ExCeL, along with 300 other exhibitors, 200 world-class speakers, panel debates, plenty of networking opportunities, and more.  The Show will be presenting the latest advancements that are driving innovation across the sector, from a concierge robot to 360° virtual tours....

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27 Jul 2018

Coca-Cola launches reverse vending incentive scheme using CafeCrush

Merlin Entertainments has partnered with Coca-Cola to offer 50% off entry into selected Merlin attractions across the UK in return of used plastic bottles. This incentive scheme is the first of its kind in the UK, and stems from Coca-Cola's goal of recycling a bottle for every one they produce by 2030.  At Unisan, we are passionate about supporting businesses in achieving their environmental sustainability goals, so we are proud to be a part of this exciting step in becoming a #worldwithoutwaste....

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04 Jul 2018

Support your Corporate Sustainability Goals with a Zero Waste Office Plan

Less than 1 in every 10 office workers recycle in the workplace and their excuse is simply that it falls outside their remit.  So, how can you reverse this trend and make your office workforce ambassadors of your Corporate Sustainability goals?...

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02 Jul 2018

Office Recycling:  How can I encourage my staff to make the right choice

It's one thing to invest in the right tools for recycling at work, such as office recycling bins, recycling stations etc, but it's another thing to get your employees to adopt these into their day to day habits.  Much like the saying, you can drag a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.  ...

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29 Jun 2018

Office Recycling:  How to create consistency across multiple sites / locations?

This is one of the more common questions we get asked.  It's all well and good investing in a recycling system at work but inconsistency across multiple sites seems to be a common obstacle to recycling success....

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28 Jun 2018

The Millennials - How to promote positive recycling behaviours at work

Recent research suggests Millennials‡, of which there are 3.87 million in the UK†, are less likely to recycle than other generations, but more likely to buy from companies that go green.  So, how can businesses leverage ethical beliefs of the 'young' generation and inspire them to change their behaviours?...

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26 Jun 2018

Managing Food Waste Where You Work - The Office

Food glorious food, there's nothing quite like it, but how do we manage the waste we leave behind. ...

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25 Jun 2018

What is the hierarchy of waste?

Understanding the hierarchy of waste is critical to compliance of the newly amended Waste Framework (Directive 2008/98/EC†).  So critical is effective waste management, the new Directive places it as the most important objective of any waste policy. First, what is the hierarchy of waste?...

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