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18 Feb 2015

CleanTrax ProfilGate - Helping Create Clean & Safe Floors

If you have problems with dirty, dusty or slippery floors... Then we have the solution for you... Stop dirt in its tracks with CleanTrax ProfilGate. What is CleanTrax ProfilGate? CleanTrax ProfilGate is the ultimate solution for reducing the amount of dirt, dust, grime and moisture coming into your...

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26 Jan 2015

The Importance of Waste Recycling for Business

The Importance of Waste Recycling for Business By taking steps to reduce and recycle waste, a business can...  Save money on supplies.   Conserve natural resources and energy.   Reduce current waste disposal costs and hedge against increased disposal costs in the future...

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30 Sep 2013

Wales Set to be First in the UK to Achieve Over 50% Recycling Rate

Back at the end of August, the Welsh government minister for natural resources and food, Alun Davies, announced preliminary figures that showed local authorities in Wales had, in the first three months of 2013, recycled 50% of all waste produced. These figures go on to suggest that by the end of the year...

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23 Aug 2013

Could the Rising Number of Incinerators Threaten Rates of Recycling?

Concerns have been raised by industry experts that the recent rush to build incinerators to lessen the amount of UK waste going to landfill could have an adverse effect on the efforts being made to encourage more people to recycle. Incinerators have been seen as a viable answer to disposing of waste at the...

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11 Jun 2013

McVities (United Biscuits Group) install CleanTrax at 9 of their UK sites

McVities (United Biscuits Group) have recently installed the CleanTrax ProfilGate system across 9 of their sites for pedestrian walkways into their production areas. The CleanTrax ProfilGate system performed exceptionally well during the trial period, cleaning and capturing kilos of dirt and dust from...

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08 Apr 2013

BMW UK install CleanTrax ProfilGate in warehouse doorway entrance

BMW, one of the world's largest car manufacturers, have recently installed the effective CleanTrax ProfilGate system into their warehouse and are proving the benefits of doing so. At the UK Engine Plant production site in Warwickshire, BMW have installed a CleanTrax ProfilGate system that is 4 grates...

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22 Mar 2013

How to Set Up Recycling Bins for the Best Results

It’s alright deciding that you want your business to do more in terms of recycling, however it is a very different story when it comes to actually getting your employees to recycle. The way you set up your recycling bins plays a vitally important role in how effectively they are used, so we at Unisan...

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06 Feb 2013

5 Ways Hand Cleaners Can Help Make Improvements For Your Workplace

Washing your hands regularly is one of the first things you get taught when you are younger, yet as we age, the time and desire to wash our hands on a regular basis can dwindle somewhat. As a business owner you should be doing your up most to ensure your workplace is as hygienic as possible, with one of the...

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23 Jan 2013

Why Effective Spill Control is so Important to Your Workplace

In any workplace, health and safety should be taken very seriously and one aspect of this is what to do, should there be a spillage. Whether it be a spillage of oil, petrol, chemicals or any other liquid, it is vitally important that you act quickly to get the spill under control and maintain a high level...

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06 Dec 2012

A Collection of Wonderful Facts on Waste & Recycling

As 2012 draws to a close, we here at Unisan, thought we’d run through a few facts on waste; some that will shock you, some that will surprise you and some that will make you want to do more to improve your rate of recycling! Whether a home or business owner, it can’t be argued that we could all...

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