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24 Aug 2017

Out with the blue, white and pink, should all employees be green collar?

The class system or term of a worker was first adopted back in 1924. It started off with blue-collar to depict a manual worker / a laborer. The idea of a green collar worker was then unthought of. Now that we are almost a century into the future, how far have we come in terms of recycling. Well. I...

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23 Aug 2017

Facilities Management ranked as one of the Top 10 most stressful jobs!

Ok, I fibbed, but I got your attention. It may not be on a Top 10 list anywhere I’ve seen, but it’s certainly worlds away from Oxford Dictionary’s definition, I mean, come on – where did they pull that one from? Based on our accomplished scholars at Oxford Dictionary, if you are...

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02 Aug 2017

Profilgate - as featured on Inside The Factory

Profilgate - as featured on BBC Inside The Factory - Biscuits (01.08.2017) For all you biscuit lovers out there (and yes, I bet you are one) here's a little light entertainment courtesy of BBC and it's popular food documentary Inside The Factory.    Gregg Wallace visits Europe's...

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26 Jul 2017

Innovative Office Waste and Recycling

Innovative Office Waste and Recycling We visited a client recently to see how they installed our Longopac Quick Bin continuous liner system. We were impressed at how they designed the installation of their waste and recycling station in an effective yet discreet manner. The system was ingeniously fitted...

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21 Jul 2017

3 Ways to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility

3 ways to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR for short) is a bit of a buzz word.   Buzzword or not, many businesses, big and small, who include CSR in their vision and strategy go on to reap the rewards. In this article, we'll share 3 ways...

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12 Jul 2017

Meet the i-mop

Meet the i-mop: The quickest, most flexible and lightweight scrubber dryer. To really help show how many benefits i-mop can drive to your business, please see the infographic below.      If after reading, you'd like to set up a FREE demo,  please call Fletcher on 0845 0700 624 or...

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26 May 2017

Increase Recycling with Bespoke Recycling Stations

In February this year Keep Britain Tidy called for simpler domestic recycling systems after finding that council schemes were often far too confusing for consumers. Many people find many different bags, boxes, caddies and colours are off-putting, complicated and confusing. In busy work or food environments...

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11 May 2017

Sleek, Stylish Recycling Bins for Modern Workplaces

Introducing our brand new range of modern indoor and outdoor bins.  Available in a range of finishes including grey or white galvanised steel as well as stainless steel options. The stylish bins include a choice of bespoke apertures for easy recycling. UniSort Pace Indoor and...

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04 May 2017

A Cost-Saving Bin System? Discover Longopac

Longopac Continuous Liner Bin System from Unisan Did you know the Longopac continuous liner system is one of our most popular products? Not only is the system incredibly easy to use, but it also helps reduce bag usage by up to seven times. A recent case study from our work with National Bakers Greggs...

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13 Apr 2017

Brand New Profilgate Brochure Now Available

Fork-lift trucks tracking mud, water, dirt and dust around your venue? Fork-lift trucks are a neccessity in most warehouses and factories. Often in and out of doors, they can unfortunately be a easy source of contamination in certain settings. Black tyre dust, micro-particles, as well as normal dirt and...

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23 Feb 2017

Create your own hygiene station

Improving hand hygiene is an important factor in every company's Health and Safety efforts, but how do you make sure that all of your staff comply? In scenarios where dirt and grime is common, our Hanzl wallboards could be the answer, even if you don't have normal washrooms. Perfect for factories...

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11 May 2016

Why are you filling your bin liners with air...?!

As seen from studies, companies in the UK only use 35% of their bin liners, a tremendous waste and uncessary cost! Bin liners are being changed every minute, every second in the UK. But how effectively? Regardless of what facility you go to in our country, whether it be an office, retail, sports or...

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