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How much does a reverse vending machine cost
15 Jun 2018

How much does CafeCrush cost?

If you're reading this page, odds on you've already heard about CafeCrush™.   But, just in case you haven't, here's a very quick summary of what CafeCrush™ offers and how it has already helped many businesses like yours. 

CafeCrush™ - for intelligent recycling & sustainability

Akin to a vending machine, but in reverse:  Simply deposit a drinks can, plastic bottle and/or single-use plastic coated coffee cup in 

CAFECRUSH_silver BOTTLESexchange for a cash equivalent reward.  This could be money off next purchase, donation to charity, credit for use in staff restaurant.   You decide.

  • Helps your business demonstrate its Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Provides a positive brand image or perception to your stakeholders inc. your employees, your shareholders, the media and the local community
  • Provides accurate accountability via real-time reporting courtesy of WiFi connectivity and a 7" Android operating system tablet

CafeCrush™ - intelligent waste management

And this is where CafeCrush™ really comes into its own.

  • Compacts drinks cans and plastic bottles or shreds plastic coated single-use coffee cups, reducing waste volume by up to 90%
  • No more overflowing bins, cluttered work space
  • Saves you money:  Reduces labour costs, waste collection costs and waste storage costs
  • Saves you time:  Less cleaning helps you divert valuable cleaning resource to other areas of the business
  • Integrated santisation system:  Keeps the machine hygienic

Simply put....... CafeCrush™ makes recycling easy & cost-effective

How much does CafeCrush™ cost?

Well, this depends. It depends on what features you wish to include.  See below overview chart, which helps show example costs of just 2 solutions from the CafeCrush™ range. 

  Full bodywrap graphics Ticket incentive system WiFi connectivity  7" Android operating tablet Real-Time reporting & email alerts Purchase price (exc. delivery & VAT) Lease price (over 5 years) exc. VAT & delivery
CafeCrush™ Tower    £4,008 £20.39
CafeCrush™ Tower £4,498 £31.19

Naturally, there are even more options than the two above, but it's a good place to start if you're thinking about your reverse vending or deposit return scheme options. 

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