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25 Mar 2019

3 reasons to include recycling bin stations in your new office designs

Today, office fit-outs just keep getting better and better. Companies are building truly beautiful environments for their staff to work and relax in. We’ve seen offices with sleeping pods, roof-top running tracks and all manner of other weird and wonderful features and designs. But one thing doesn’t seem to change...hidden away in the dark corners of the building, there lurks a motley collection of recycling bins; untidy, overflowing, with inconsistent and unclear signage. With the importance placed on recycling and the environment today, isn’t this a little odd?...

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20 Mar 2019

We're proud to support London's latest reverse vending scheme

We’re proud to have supplied the latest reverse vending pilot at King’s Cross Estate in central London. This program is a partnership between the UK’s leading recycling group, Veolia and restaurant chain, LEON. The scheme offers participants 10% off a purchase from the nearest LEON restaurant in return for recycling one plastic drinks bottle or aluminium can....

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