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31 Oct 2018

Zero waste - how hard is it to achieve?

First of all, what is Zero Waste? Many people have the perception that zero waste is pretty much impossible, and this perception stems from a wrong idea of what zero waste actually is. Zero waste does not simply mean that 100% of all waste is recycled. The ultimate definition is that nothing is sent to landfill - that everything is in some way contributing to a circular economy. Which means that zero waste actually is possible; certainly not easy, but not as far-fetched as many people assume....

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22 Oct 2018

Plastics demystified: is it actually recycled?

***An Apology*** Before going any further, we need to apologise about the confusion caused by our last post.  This post attempts to clarify the confusion.  It's difficult, because recycling in the UK is very confusing, but one important thing to note is that all plastics are recyclable.  However, it is often not commercially viable to recycle certain types unless your business is creating a large volume of waste....

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09 Oct 2018

We're proud to be part of the UK's biggest collaboration to improve on-the-go recycling

Bubble-blowing bins, recycling reward machines, a huge art installation and ‘Re-Cycler’ recycling collection bikes will appear across Leeds city centre from Tuesday 9th October as part of #LeedsByExample - the UK’s biggest push to date to trial innovative ways to improve rates of recycling on the go....

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04 Oct 2018

Single-use coffee cups: how you can take action today

The government has promised action on single-use plastics and coffee cups but, like all things bureaucratic, it's moving very slowly. Implementing a system like those in various European countries would be a mammoth task. Each different council has its own waste management system, unlike the centralised systems in place in countries like Germany....

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