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29 Jun 2018

Office Recycling:  How to create consistency across multiple sites / locations?

This is one of the more common questions we get asked.  It's all well and good investing in a recycling system at work but inconsistency across multiple sites seems to be a common obstacle to recycling success....

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28 Jun 2018

The Millennials - How to promote positive recycling behaviours at work

Recent research suggests Millennials‡, of which there are 3.87 million in the UK†, are less likely to recycle than other generations, but more likely to buy from companies that go green.  So, how can businesses leverage ethical beliefs of the 'young' generation and inspire them to change their behaviours?...

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26 Jun 2018

Managing Food Waste Where You Work - The Office

Food glorious food, there's nothing quite like it, but how do we manage the waste we leave behind. ...

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25 Jun 2018

What is the hierarchy of waste?

Understanding the hierarchy of waste is critical to compliance of the newly amended Waste Framework (Directive 2008/98/EC†).  So critical is effective waste management, the new Directive places it as the most important objective of any waste policy. First, what is the hierarchy of waste?...

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22 Jun 2018

5 Reasons To Recycle - with triple bottom line in mind

We've all seen it, or heard of it - Blue Planet II.   If you've not seen it here's a quick overview.  It makes for a shocking view and as Sir David Attenborough said himself, it's now clear our actions are having a significant impact on our oceans ....

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20 Jun 2018

Reasons for implementing recycling at work and on the go

In May 2018, the European Council adopted the waste package which sets out new rules for waste management and establishes legally binding targets for recycling.  These new targets for recycling are set out in The Waste Framework Directive (WFD), which has already been placed into National Law in Scotland....

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20 Jun 2018

Have you been nudged lately?  How behavioural insights aid positive recycling habits.

How many times do you think you've been nudged today?  Do you even realise you have been nudged?  And if you have, has it been positive?...

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19 Jun 2018

How does CafeCrush compare with traditional recycling methods?

That's a great but somewhat difficult question to answer in one short statement.  So, we compare CafeCrush™ against two of the more common beverage container (plastic bottle, drink can and/or single-use plastic coated cup) recycling bins ....

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18 Jun 2018

How strong are Longopac liners?   We put them to the test.

When it comes to putting things to the test, actions always speak louder than words.    So, we put Longopac to the Dart Drop test and compared it with a standard black bin liner....

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14 Jun 2018

What is WRAP and how it affects my recycling at work?

No doubt you've heard of WRAP but do you actually know what WRAP stands for, its mission and more importantly what it may mean to you, your workforce and your business?...

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12 Jun 2018

Plastic recycling rates at work - what does good look like?

If you're looking to make continuous improvements to your waste management practices, it might make sense to set your own benchmarks?   But what would this benchmark be?  What does good look like?  And is there an industry standard which businesses can measure themselves against? So many questions, and after some hours spent crawling the worldwide web, not many answers.  So, in the pursuit of understanding, I reached out to a number of agencies who manage, monitor or govern waste including The Environment Agency, LetsRecycle and Natural Resources Wales.   ...

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11 Jun 2018

Creating a Green Office - How Many Bins Do I Really Need?

Most organisations, regardless of size or industry, will have an office of some kind.   In this guide, we'll look at your options and (as we're all a bit nosey at heart) what other businesses have done to support their drive to sustainability....

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06 Jun 2018

Applying the KISS principle to your 2020 Sustainability Goals.

You don't have to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, officially listed in a European Economic Area or admit to dealing on either the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ to care about sustainability....

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05 Jun 2018

The Latte Levy. Is there a better, simpler and more 'economy friendly' solution?

With news that the proposed Latte Levy will cost the UK economy £819m and 11,000 jobs in the coffee retail sectorº, are we missing a simpler, more cost-effective and more economy friendly solution?...

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