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31 May 2018

The psychology of recycling

The question of why people do or don’t recycle has long occupied researchers and practitioners seeking to understand and influence this and other pro-environmental behaviours.  I recently read an article about how psychology could influence the way we recycle. ...

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24 May 2018

On-site bottle deposit return schemes - why should you bother?

It's no secret we are in the midst of a recycling sea-change. From all angles, we are bombarded by peer pressure and public consciousness that something needs to be done about waste - with a clear focus on plastic....

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18 May 2018

The psychology of waste

I recently read an article about how psychology could influence the way we recycle waste. Until that point, I thought I knew quite a lot - I was wrong....

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11 May 2018

Five ISO 14001 Continuous Improvement Idea

There are many challenges when it comes to environmental management. Challenges from stakeholders, placing growing pressure on policymakers to meet expectations they feel are necessary for any modern business they invest in. These stakeholders are not only internal (employees, shareholders etc) but also potential investors in the form of customers and the general public and their perception of your brand....

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02 May 2018

What would it cost to buy an indoor recycling bin station for work?

UPDATED: 10th May 2018 It depends! Much like buying a car, let's say a brand new Ford Fiesta, the price you pay depends on the specifications you add. Do you want a 3 door, 5 doors, alloy wheels, sat nav, reversing camera/sensor, bespoke paint, performance spec engine, sports exhaust? You get my drift....

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