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24 Apr 2018

How many recycling stations do I need?

It depends. No one business is the same and without having a one-on-one call, we can only provide general advice based on what we've learnt over the years. That said, here are two well used 'rules of thumb' when trying to understand how many internal recycling points you need....

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23 Apr 2018

Can "Zero Waste" be achieved?

It depends! I believe we can all achieve zero waste in some form or other, whether that be at home or within our workplace. However, can zero waste be achieved when looking at the larger picture - i.e. the full product journey end-to-end inc. the original source supplier/s, 2nd tier supplier/s, its production process, retail, consumer, disposal....

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20 Apr 2018

The advantages of an internal bespoke office recycling station / bin.

Whatever your reasons for considering upping your recycling game, I'm confident that a bespoke, tailor-made office recycling station or bin will tick many boxes....

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20 Apr 2018

What is the value of waste?

Provisional data indicates UK businesses generate 32.2 million tonnes of waste each year. This is significantly less, in fact, 10 million tonnes less than 2012. Does this indicate green shoots of change in the way we think about waste? Maybe businesses are understanding the value of their waste ensuring they profit from the reduced waste they produce? Or has social conscience also played its part? My guess - a combination of all three....

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16 Apr 2018

How can a Deposit Return Scheme help my company?

With news that a bottle and can deposit-return scheme gets the green light in England, and with plans already afoot in Scotland, you may be asking how a scheme such as this might help your business?...

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11 Apr 2018

What is the Bottle Deposit Return Scheme?

In the most basic terms, its name speaks for itself. The confusion may come when we start to understand how it will actually work. The UK Government are currently in consultation so hopefully, we'll have more news soon....

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