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08 Feb 2018

How To Reduce Slips

29% of all the reported non-fatal work-based accidents in 2016/17 relate to slips and trips.  To put this into context, this equates to nearly 200,000 accidents which, with careful management, need not happen.  Furthermore, according to HSE,  most slips (90%) occur when the floor is wet with water or contaminated with a food product. So, to find ways to reduce the risk of slip within your business, it's common practice to review risks in line with the hazard hierarchy of controls (see image below).   Based on this theory, it's pretty clear that elimination of risk is by far the most effective.    ...

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05 Feb 2018

What is the nudge theory?  And why should you care?

We all need a little nudge in life, don't we?  Will, I certainly do.  And we can thank Richard Thaler, 2002 Noble prize winner and his book Nudge, for coining the phrase ' nudge theory'....

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02 Feb 2018

Resin Floors - How to keep your investment clean and slip free

Whether you opt for resin, non slip paint or the newly introduced floor renovation system (FRS), all come with significant investment.  In return for this investment, wouldn't it be nice if your floor looked clean (and slip free) for as long as possible....

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