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30 Oct 2017

How recycled plastic can literally keep the UK economy wheels turning

Plastic bottles and bags recycled to build roads According to a recent Sky News report, new technology involving thrown away plastic can really keep the wheels of our economy rolling.  Here are just some of the key out-takes: The process turns plastic bottles and bags into plastic pellets,...

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26 Oct 2017

Countdown to Christmas Shutdown

Christmas shut down is the ideal time to install ProfilGate®- the patented brush system that removes dirt, dust and moisture from wheels and footwear. ProfilGate® is used and trusted by many manufacturers globally including: Food: Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Wrigley's, Mondalez, Cadbury...

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16 Oct 2017

What's next for Facilities Management?

Facility Managers (FMs) are a crucial force within an organisation, making sure that a workplace meets the needs of employees by managing all of the required services. To download a pdf version, please click here:...

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11 Oct 2017

Recycling scheme could save councils £35m a year

English councils could save up to £35m a year by introducing a deposit refund system for drinks bottles and cans, according to a recent report. New data states there are no longer any valid arguments that deposit refund systems don't work and the environmental case is crystal clear, according to Sky News....

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10 Oct 2017

How to achieve and maintain a clean factory

In today's global market and the demand for consumer/brand confidence, a clean factory is a key accountability for any Hygiene Manager or HSE Manager.   Whilst the demand for cleanliness is applicable to all industries never is there more pressure on food & drink manufacturing....

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10 Oct 2017

How to achieve cost effective food waste recycling

"Every year more than 500,000 tonnes of food is wasted in restaurants, pubs, hotels and quick service restaurants in the UK - that's the equivalent of almost 1 billion average plates of food." This sobering fact sourced from Wrap, if nothing else, must make you see how food waste affects...

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09 Oct 2017

How to be a LEAN recycling machine

Time is money in everything we do at work. Waste and recycling management is no exception. In this 'How To' guide I'll show you 5 ways to make waste and recycling management lean with the help of the 5S's   Step 1: Sort Clutter brings chaos to what could be a lean and productive...

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